Chowdhury Trading

(Importer & Supplier of Textile Auxiliaries and Special Chemicals)

Importer & Supplier of Textile Auxiliaries and Special Chemicals

Chowdhury Chem Textile Ltd. working on the Textile sector in Bangladesh with a good reputation. We are working closely with top Textile manufacturers in Bangladesh and provide them the best services and quality products. Our main products are : 

  • Spandex Yarn
  • Textiles Chemicals 
  • Textile Lubricants
  • Special Yarn Like Nylon, Polyester, CSY, ACY, DTY Etc.

Chowdhury Chem Textile Ltd mainly supplies the following six series of products:

1. knitting and yarn pretreatment auxiliaries

2. dyeing auxiliaries

3. hand feels finishing auxiliaries

4. functional finishing agent

5. auxiliaries for denim sizing and washing

6. auxiliaries for household chemical fertilizer supplies