Chowdhury Chem Textile Ltd.

(Creating of the Textile Solutions)

Dyeing Chemicals

We bring Colour to your life

Colours send out signals and offer us a big selection for creative design. They give textiles a special meaning: The fashion world wouldn’t be what it is without colours. Textile materials are dyed with textile dyes in aqueous media. Together with the dyes, dyeing auxiliaries help to achieve even dyeing results.

Strong interplay of substances

With our extensive product range you can get the utmost out of your colours. Our dyeing auxiliaries impart the desired depth and brilliance to colours. They help for the necessary colour fastness and for maintaining their colour without fading – so that brilliance and colour depth are preserved for a long time. Continuous new developments of products and processes help to save time, water and energy. In this way you have an optimal colour yield, less costs and lower CO2 emission.

Rockadye - LDS

Dye bath Leveling, dispersing & sequestering Agent.

Rocka dye - PLA

Polyester Leveling Agent

Rockaqust – DBS

Dye bath sequestering Agent.

Versatex PC – NUE

Neutral Enzyme / Dye bath Enzyme

Rockafoam -ATF

Anti Foam (silicon based)

Rockadye – SPS

High performance Washing off Agent with anti-back staining property

Rockaoff – WO -100

High performance washing off agent with anti-back staining property for low liquor washing

Rockcle – ABS/ CLR

Antiback staining agent for Reactives& Indigo dyes with washing off property

Versapon – R 100

Antiback staining agent for Reactives& Indigo dyes with washing off property

Rocksafin – C200

Rubbing fastness improver (Anionic Type)

Rockaacid - AB

Acid Buffer

Rockafix – FXA/IDF

Fixing Agent (Indigo &Reactive Fixing Formal dehyde Free ) Concentrated/Finish