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Washing Chemicals

Garment washing is a significant part of garment industries and it is mainly applied on denim garments and any other casual garments. In the primary stage garment does not inherit customer’s desired properties but after washing it become most widely used due to its new appearance, softness, comfort, strength and low cost, which create customer’s absolute satisfaction. Garment washing process is provided with a lucrative and glassy outlook by chemical or wet washing process and mechanical or dry washing process.
The most widely used dry washing processes for garment are scraping, spraying, whiskering, damages, spots, rubbing and tacking contrariwise wet washing processes for garment to develop new a look and effect are normal wash or rinse wash, pigment wash, caustic wash, silicon wash, enzyme wash, stone wash, stone enzyme wash, bleach wash and acid wash. This study gives an indication different types washing process and the change of physical and chemical properties due to application of wet and dry washing processes as an imparting desired effect on garments.

Rockafix – FXA/IDF

Fixing Agent (Indigo &Reactive Fixing Formal dehyde Free ) Concentrated/Finish

Rockcle – ABS/ CLR

Antiback staining agent for Reactives& Indigo dyes with washing off property

Rockly - LP

Lycra protector