Chowdhury Chem Textile Ltd.

(Creating of the Textile Solutions)

Finishing Chemicals

Modern textile finishing offers a variety of effects on all textiles. Apart from a pleasant handle, functions like high wear comfort or non-iron qualities are decisive criteria nowadays when purchasing textiles. Depending on the requirements, customer wishes and demands can be implemented with our finishing agents. Our finishing agents are an indispensable component in the textile finishing chain. Aside from latest stylish handle effects, they allow for special performance properties of fabrics or applications for technical textiles. Due to their high quality and efficiency our products facilitate the industrial processing of textiles and ensure for smooth, reproducible processes. We offer you a balanced product mix of well proven auxiliaries as well as innovative and individual solutions. Together with our coatings we offer extensive features for technical textiles for all common standards and beyond. Please contact us and profit from our many years of experience.

Rockasoft – EXTRA 700

Micro Silicon Softener

Rockasoft – TT 700 Nano

Nano Emulsion Softener

Rockasoft – EXTRA Con.

Micro Silicon Softener (Concentrate)

Rockanin – CWS Con.

Cationic softener (Flakes) (Concentrate)

Rockanin – CPF/SCP NEW

Cationic Softener (Paste) / Prill

Rockasoft - NSLN

Cationic & Silicon Special blend for Exhaust & Pad Application to improve Rubbing Fastness (weakly Cationic Type)

Rockanin – VNS/1000

Nonionic Softener (Paste)

Rocksil - AMB

Antimicrobial Agent

Rockasoft – HS

Hydrophilic Silicon Softener

Rockasoft - CHS

Hydrophilic Cationic Softener

Rockalub - YLA

Yarn lubricant & Softener